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Chapter 1: As Death Approaches
• Who's in charge before the death?
• Does the person have an advance medical directive, also called a durable power of attorney for health care?
• If the person prepared an advance directive/durable power of attorney for health care...
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Important legal information
My mom and dad had a a/b trust , my mother died and my father took over, and a few years later my dad remarried, my father just passed and made her trustee for my brother and myself, they my dad and motherinlaw had the will changed last year when he was on pills for his dialosis and he had a stroke prior to the changing of the will, he was not in his right mind, she’s avoided us completely and has petitioned the trust, to move all of the survivors trust which is now in the exemption trust to the survivors trust saying that my dad intended for it to be there, but was never signed by my dad, and patitioning all of my parents personal stuff, and it says if I challenge her I’m risking everything, any ideas?

Dan, I am sorry but your email is too confusing. It is not clear whether Dad signed a codicil or not, and if he did whether you want to challenge his mental state. You need to hire a lawyer IMMEDIATELY. If your new step mother is petitioning the court, you simply MUST respond with full force because if she gets access to the money and property she will dissipate it, and, even if you win a law suit later, you will never find the money. So, I’m sorry but hire a lawyer NOW!

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